Body language – Holding hands

Ah! Yes, that feeling you feel when someone you tend to like slightly (seemingly accidentally) touches you. The rush of emotions, almost like sugar rush, that gushes through your senses are so vivid, so awakening and you are just suddenly sure you want to be with that person, that’s one of the obvious meanings of hand holding in man and woman relationship. But when the relationship becomes more familiar, more intimate and you still find you want to hold hands with that special someone, then it may signify an exertion of ownership, of appreciation to be the chosen one. It signifies the rejuvenating element of your love and affection for that special someone because you’re not always guaranteed even having sex with someone that you’ll want to hold their hand in public. Holding someone’s hand is a sign of wanting to be close to your partner in a nonsexual way. … More Body language – Holding hands

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Beautiful benefits of holidaying with your spouse

Traveling is truly one of the coolest and most amazing things you can do together with your better-half. Don’t get me wrong, solo travel has its benefits too – they can be refreshing, empowering, inspiring, rewarding, and a time of reflection. But a trip with your special someone can create blissfully sweet memories that you will cherish forever.

The beauties of it, you’ll find, is it’s stimulating and romantic in ways that you won’t be able recreate in your routine everyday life. Trust me, trips and vacations with your partner is a lot more enriching than a month’s worth of sunset dining or shopping.

Here are some beautiful reasons why you might want to consider vacation with your spouse on your next holiday. … More Beautiful benefits of holidaying with your spouse

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5 Best Places to Visit in Lagos

The hustling and bustling associated with our daily lives may deprive us of that special time with our families, friends or loved ones. Besides Lagos being the busiest state in Nigeria, it also has some of the best places, restaurants, movie centers and what have you. There is a wide variety of places in Lagos to choose from such as cheap and affordable hotels, ice cream factories, beautiful beaches as well as exquisite hotels. If you are based in Lagos, or planning a trip to Lagos very soon, here is a list of the five best places to visit with your friends and loved ones: … More 5 Best Places to Visit in Lagos

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When love is for show, you’re bound to lose the essence of it all

Halt! We all strive for perfection, as individuals and as better halves but we all have our down times. No situation is permanent and none is perfect. In the meantime, don’t put up appearances that isn’t sustainable. Better yet, don’t put up appearances that aren’t real. Yoruba people have a saying that translates, “when your yam is done, you protect it and eat it quietly”. In this context, I’d say, when you have it all good and rosy, keep it under wraps. If it’s good for you, all well and good but don’t come to social media and mislead your fans. People look up to you. When they later realize your life isn’t the pretty picture you’ve been painting, how do you think that makes them feel? For those aspiring to be like you, you’ve shattered their hope/dream. For those that never liked you anyway, you just made their day. … More When love is for show, you’re bound to lose the essence of it all

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Sexuality & Relationships

The presence of sexuality in your relationship definitely enhances the spontaneity of your relationship. Even the most hectic work can be a routine in the sense that you know you’re in for a busy schedule all day or even week. And life can be a cycle, taking care of others more than yourself. So I’m sure you will appreciate some spontaneous gestures borne of shared intimacy in your relationship rather frequently. If for no reason at all, some level of excitement is good for your health. So don’t shut your spouse down just because you’re not in the mood all the time. If you give them a chance, you might find that they’ll ease you into the mood with little or no help at all. You just have to drop every other thing where they belong and let your spouse appreciate where they belong in your life too. 😉 … More Sexuality & Relationships

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Exploring the power of flirting 

Whether you think it’s good or bad, only confident people flirt. I mean, you can’t be a flirt without the strong presence of confidence and sexiness you exude. There was once when flirting was simply a playful way of exciting interest in the opposite sex – an alluring glance, a fluttering eyelash, a tinkling laugh all designed to spice things up. Well, not any more. It so happens that flirting’s got techniques and if the techniques are more elaborate, then the results can be in your favor, I hear. … More Exploring the power of flirting 

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